This service has been implemented since April 2015, after that two members of our staff, Dr. Letizia Soldani and Dr. Andrea Salvini Donati, have obtained the master in Europlanning and access to EU funding at Sole 24 ore Business School in Milan.

This aims at becoming the best service of Centro Servizi Soldani, which is a pioneering company in that field. In fact, there are very few companies that are able to offer this service, both in Tuscan and in national territory. Companies, public and private authorities, non-profit organization can obtain significant benefits regarding:

  • The financial aspect,
  • The opportunity of doing research,
  • The possibility of starting industrial development,
  • The opportunity of increasing company competitiveness,
  • The possibility of internationalizing their own business,
  • The opportunity of accessing virtuous European networks with positive effects that continue beyond the duration of the project or the importance of the obtained funding.

We would like to underline that we offer this service taking advantage of two highly qualified and competent figures, who are part of a network of European experts that, if necessary, synergistically manage the projects.

In fact, in order to have projects approved when working within Europe, it is necessary to work in teams made of different legal subjects from all the member states. Having partners both in Italy and in Europe, as we ourselves have, considerably simplifies research on the most suitable partners and relationships management.

Below, in detail, the phases of our service of consultation, assistance, and constant support for European project:

  • Research and definition of EU funding options which are the most suitable for company needs (programs, calls, project idea development)
  • Identification and research of strategic partners
  • Writing of the projects (in English) that have to be presented to the European Commission (budget preparation included)
  • Constant assistance throughout the project realization (relationships with the European Commission and with partners, support for project activity finalizing)
  • Project financial reporting (for the European Commission and competent offices)

Centro Servizi Soldani, besides Europlanning, is also able to give concrete answers about the whole range of subsidies, grants and tax breaks currently in effect at a local and national level, by researching the most suitable solutions and financing options for each company, and supporting the customers throughout the preliminary stage of application for authorization.